Transgender American Veterans Association
Jenelle Levenque
RoSa Library
Adalace Jewell
On With Life
Zone Hornet
UN Assoc. Orlando Chapter
Irene Janus
Center for Civic Education
Darius Udrys
Larson Research Center
Saitek Blanco
DJ Earnshaw
Information Architecture Institute (IAI)
Stacy Narayan
New Zealand Council of Social Services
Kavisha Quan
Partners for Others
Riversong Garden
Helping Tulsa
DJ Earnshaw
Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum
Dusty Artaud
Ala Oberth, Ozma Malibu
Love Foundation
HB Eternal
Neenah Historical Society
Ethelred Westherwax
Roxylifer Graf
Boomer Esiason Foundation
Dave Radio
Panny Bakerly
Virtual Native Lands
Nany Kayo
United Black Fund of Cleveland Inc.
Mocha Moon
GivenGain Foundation
DarkNinja Ragu
Sri Lanka Foundation
Nishantha Nishi
Living Truth
RevCheryl Swansen
Waxalka Voom
Rock The Path
Niama Meyersohn
WMNF Community Radio
Rebus Mandelbrot
Child Rights and You
Kosmik Guru
Farm Gartenburg
Rape Crisis Scotland
Ledoof Constantineau
Contact a Family
Saffia Widdershins
Lifelong Learning
Carmen Gray
Take Root
Melissa Sparrowhawk
Help Find My Child
Kera Tully
Games for Change
Kuan Kuu
Bridges for Women Society
Buffy Beale
CitizensMatch/Highland Valley Elder Services, Inc.
Robo Mirabella
Preferred Family Healthcare
Coughran Mayo
Grants Managers Network
Zazoom Zimminy
National Council for Behavioral Healthcare
Lore Foulsbane
Microcomputers in Education
Ruvi Willunga
Bread and Jams
Master Quatro,
Live and Learn in Kenya Int
Brique Topaz
Great Strides
Veri Oddfellow

Virtual Ability
None Listed
Transitions ~ A Place for Dreams
Ozma, InKenzo, Buffy, Kali
Community Voicemail
Kali Idziak
The Company of Job
DonPaul Cale
Paula Rodeyn
MacZ Urbanowicz
National Day of Prayer-Tennessee
Grace Cuthbertsson
NSW Animal Rescue
Kurt Spitteler
Project Jason
Ronnie Rhode
Skeeboo Tammas
Giving Circles Network
Anika Pastorelli
CJ27 Jigsaw
Garden for the Missing
Ronnie Rhode
Nonprofit Resource Library
Canis Roffo

American Wildlife Refuge
Noir Nagy
Horsenet Inc.
Laura24 Kiranov
Sustainable Harvest
thely anansi
Center for Water Studies
Delia Lake
Sierra Club
Gabrielle Knipper
Jacmacaire Humby
Elder Voices
Dancers Yao
Fighting for Fighters
Smash Lane
Calla Rossini
Job Accomodation Network
JANLyssa Serenity
ALS Association
Em Ellsmere
PCOS In Connection
Brain Candy Project
Jaywick Forcella
In Kenzo
Oyster Project
Parsnip Banufong
National Service Inclusion Project
Chad Mikado
Alzheimer's Association NYC
Steven Toussaint

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