Advice gathered about launching an informal facilitated session from NMC

via Nick
1. vary the format .... we have discussions, tours, presentations, demos ... but we try our best to keep them informal
2. Need to bring in others to facilitarte (usual CoP stuff here) ... but as always, getting others to facilitate has not been easy ... partly coz I think finding the time to ask others to facilitate is not easy .. this is all voluntary for me, and my time is squeezed as it is for everyone ... sometimes it is very last minute for us ... getting someone to be a guest is not easy ..
3. try and keep it regular .. we pretty much do one every 2 weeks ...
which I think our guess at this being a good frequency is right. We tend to have 30-40 av turnouts on average
4. I rely on my SL feeds about places a lot to get me there and chat to people for tours and new edu people coming in to SL who would make good guests .. the last minute thing impacts on advertising the event
5. Advertising/event notices - in-world group, NMC Campus blog, SLED, NMC SL email lsit for NMC RL members. Ue reminders include SLURL and secondlife;// and short URL 6. Good to have to facilitators - one to deal with the IMs that come in with "where are you?" "tp please" and a 101 other things! and one to faciltiate the guest 7. Record it and post chat but this needs to be in the notices that go out ... I keep forgetting to put this in.