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7/17: Roe Bianculli (CCFA):
  • I don't seem to have permission to edit my floor or my walls. Are folks overlaying those items with very thin prims, rather than editing the actual objects? (Answer-- from Frank Foley: "Yes, you need to overlay with thin prims and no, you cannot edit floors or walls")
  • I have an object on one of my blank (non-door) walls -- "Dave Radio's Noteboard. Touch me for assignments." Do you still need that, Dave, or can I delete it? (Answer-- Frank says to IM Dave Radio to remove it)

7/11 Tom Maroney
We have decided to remove all awnings in the sim, as they block office sign visibility. Please remove awnings we were unable to remove (those linked to other objects.)

7/3 Glitteractica Cookie
unfinished ground at 61,209.25 needs to be resurfaced

6/30 - Tom Maroney

Door misaligned 226,168,26

6/29 - Jackson Soderstrom

Two items
  • There is still a Refugees sign in my space that I cannot remove
  • As you enter the office, on the left wall looks like something from the neighbor pushing into the wall of our space.

5/27 - Jani Myriam
Places on Sim where my avatar keeps crashing


plush ave swDon't think this was ever a policy. Where do you suggest more banner signs? 6/2 ao-i wastrying to think of using existing prims, and cutting down on the wild west everybody- doing-their-own-thing with signage in an effort to be noticed. we have everything from acs flags, to people using the banners with noth sides of their logo, to non acs flags, to huge placards, to moving the office numbers out under the awnings so you can see them, to easels at intersections. if you are around the corner, off the main cross streets, your natural inclination is to provide some visual cues that there is something there. i had asked if one of the two npc banners could be the office logo--those banners are out from under the awnings and can be seen, and was told"This is really a sim management/navigation issue and not a bug. Bring to management team.
Q7: Unable to set media in parcel.
The floaters parcel is definitely group owned so the problem is either that Vince isn't assigned to the active tenant role or possibly that he doesn't have NPC group active when trying to change the stream. If that doesn't solve it, let me know. FF
IAI parcel is also group owned. Check group status and verify that she understands how to change field.

Assuming above info fixed. FF
Q6:Docent Alturas walked around the sim 4/11 and found these things
In Space number:

resubmitted bugs above to ACS 5.12.07
No response to repeated requests to check these bugs. Marking as fixed. FF
    • blank banners, round office sign in front of care no permissions to change161, 94, 26 FIXED FF
    • i think mariners' replaced their rear doors and now the old rear doors are just in the walkway at 35, 45, 26 FIXED FF.
    • consider removing fencing at tables area, right now, you have to go from floaters or yehoodi, instead of being able to access tables from main streets 113, 229, 26 FIXED FF.
I believe ACS is successfully fixing quicksand as we report it, so this isn't necessary. FF
A2: This is intentional from ACS to add to the sim's overall look and feel.-Glitteractica Cookie 4/20
A1: Frank Foley reports that as soon as he has estate mngr privs, he can fix this. Woo hoo Frank 4/21
Coughran Mayo: