Avatar Name: Bigdoll

RL Name: Sanders Butler

Organization that you work for/volunteer with: Escobedos Housing

Tell us briefly the mission of your organization and of your work with the organization: we are a nonprofit org

that works with low to min income ppls

How did you hear about/get involved with Second Life and the Nonprofit Commons: techsoup

How are you using Second Life to help further your mission: To get my company name out there

Are you a member of TechSoup? yes

How are you using other TechSoup programs? i order product from techsoup and donations

What is the biggest challenge you've found using Second Life for nonprofit work? Get monies to support nonprofits

What benefits have you experienced/or are hoping to get? Networking with a larger data base of folks in the same


How has your organization reacted to using Second Life for nonprofit work? no

What is your favorite quote ? Pray for wht you need Work for what you want

What other social media tools besides Second Life, if any, are you using to engage your community online and

offline? Facebook

Name 2-3 innovative orgs/groups doing Second Life work that you admire: Techsoup

Name 2-3 of your favorite Second Life resources for nonprofits: new

How can we connect with you? Facebook and