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Avatar Name: CarynTopia SilverCloud

RL Name: Caryn Heilman

Organization that you work for: Topia Arts Center
Topia Arts Center is a nonprofit green arts and education center in development in Northwestern MA in the

Berkshires. It has committed to LEED Platinum building and operations and has a theatrical design by Theatre

Consultants Collaborative and architectural schematics by Dana Bixby. It would like to bring its dynamic cultural

activity and green building and operations to virtual reality.

Mission of your organization and your work with the organization:

The mission of Topia Arts Center is to develop an atmosphere of creativity where original and innovative

performing arts and educational programs can thrive and be appreciated. By cultivating creative landscapes, Topia

Arts Center improves the quality of life, opens hearts and minds, and allows audiences to participate as members

of the creative process. As an incubator space, Topia Arts Center connects international artists with local

talent, fostering global perspectives while operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

How did you hear about Second Life and the Nonprofit Commons?
Webinar on TechSoup

How are you using Second Life to further your mission?
To begin to establish a presence in virtual reality and interact with a global creative community.

How are you using other TechSoup programs?
We attend webinars, read articles, read forums, get discounted software.

What is the biggest challenge you've found using Second Life for nonprofit work?
Getting started and making a case for it in the nonvirtual world.

What benefits have you experienced?
Ability to interact with a global community.

How has your organization reacted to using Second Life for nonprofit work?
Organization is supportive and cautiously optimistic.

What social media tools besides Second Life, if any, are you using to engage your community online and offline?
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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