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Coughran Mayo of Family Preferred Healthcare

ddandcm.pngReal Name/SL Name: Dick Dillon/Coughran Mayo
Organization: Preferred Family Healthcare

Position: Senior Vice President, Planning and Development

Is your work here in Second Life as an individual or are you representing a foundation?
Representing my employer.

Brief Summary of your organization:
Non profit mental health provider specializing in prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. Established in 1979, PFH has over 500 employees serving communities in Missouri and Texas from 35 locations. Our Mission is to continually strive to be a dynamic, caring organization united to assist others in achieving their potential.

How did you find out about NPC and why did you get involved?
Was introduced by my girlfriend, who is in the advertising business and had heard about it at a seminar she attended. I was curious and found non profits were active in SL immediately after entering inworld. The rest is history.

Some say the professional networking opportunities in SL have been extraordinary. Have you found this to be true? If so, what advice would you give someone for effective networking in SL?
Yes I do think I have gained immensely from the professional relationships I have formed. My advice is to look for people with similar interests to yours and get to know them. People are inherently friendly here, in my experience.

Why do you think virtual worlds such as Second Life are valuable for nonprofits?
Low overhead opportunities to try new ideas. Great cross-section of non profits offer chances to collaborate with others on projects or just brainstorming.

Do you think every nonprofit should have a presence within SL or is it only appropriate for particular types of organizations?
Although I am sure the platform may be better for some types of non profits than for others, I have seen a diverse collection of groups and all seem to have found ways to make SL work for them.

More than likely you are fairly new to SL. Since there is a learning curve, what advice would you give to make being in SL easier?
Go to a good orientation area. I like the New Media Consortium’s. Invest some time, follow the directions step by step. Practice. Be patient, it will come to you.

Upcoming projects/events?
Developing our own island now.

Current/On-going needs (RL or SL)?
Volunteers welcome! We would like to have people online 24/7 to answer questions or show visitors around the island.

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