Avatar Name: Freyakc Dragonash

Real Life/RL Name: Patti Abshier, MSPH, MSW

Organization that you work for/volunteer with or indicate if you are a nonprofit consultant:
Not for Profit - Cicatelli Associates, Inc.

Tell us briefly the mission of your org. and your work with the organization:

Cicatelli Associates, Inc. dedicated to enhancing the quality of health care and social services delivered to communities in need across the United States and abroad. CAI offers expert training and capacity building assistance to help health and human service providers improve their services by confronting challenging health issues, reducing health disparities, eliminating stigma and discrimination, and tackling increasing needs with decreasing resources.

How did you hear about/get involved with Second Life and the Nonprofit Commons?

I heard about second life almost 3 years ago and not for profit commons shortly there after. I have been getting emails for quite some time now but never actually joined the group until recently when I changed employers.

How are you using Second Life to help further your mission or if you are new to Second Life, what your plans are for your Second Life work?

Distance learning platform

Are you a member of TechSoup? If so, please tell us how you are using other TechSoup programs, i.e. posting in the forums, getting discounted software, working with NetSquared community, etc.

I am working on getting my agency to become a member of Techsoup.

What's the biggest challenge you've found using Second Life for nonprofit work?

Figuring out how to make my vision possible regarding using it as a distance learning platform for allied health professionals.

What benefits have you experienced/or are hoping to get? feel free to share a success story of Second Life work making real-world impact

I hope to change the face of distance learning for allied health professionals

How has as your organization reacted to using Second Life for nonprofit work? i.e. offered resources, resistant, cautiously optimistic, etc.

My new employer -- president and managers are excited and anticipatory of what the future might bring for us.

2-3 innovative orgs/groups doing Second Life work that you admire

Most of the Universities and medical demonstration projects