Susan Tenby is tGlitteracticaCookie_CMP.jpghe Senior Community Manager, where she is responsible for the promotion, management and direction of the TS community forums, with an audience of 100,000 unique visitors a month.
With the help of her volunteers, she recently launched a community of over 300 nonprofit staff members and volunteers in Second Life. This community has a shared community blog at <> and this wiki about nonprofit activities in SL. They have a shared community tagging project using the tag “NPSL” (Nonprofits in Second Life) on sites such as, Technorati and Flickr, weekly in-world meetings, every Friday from 8:30-9:30am PST to teach scripting and best-practices to nonprofits in SL.

The group also helped her launch a sim in Second Life called The Nonprofit Commons, with the NPSL community, on land and buildings, all donated by Anshe Chung Studios.
This nonprofits-only sim houses 35 organizations, free of charge, to lower the barrier of access to the virtual world.
She runs monthly online community meet-ups in San Francisco. She speaks at conferences (in June, she organized a panel on Nonprofits in Second Life at Games for Change on Virtual Activism and presented on Using Second Life an innovative marketing tool at Supernova2007.) In August, she will be speaking at SLCC and in October, she will be speaking in a panel she organized at the California Association of Nonprofits. She also writes on the topic of online community building in its various forms.

Role in Nonprofit Commons and NPSL Projects:

Susan is the community manager for the TechSoup Group and the Nonprofit Commons group in Second Life. She is also the primary liaison between Anshe Chung Studios and the team.