Member Profile: In Kenzo of Amoration


Real Name/SL Name: Evonne Heyning/In Kenzo
Organization: Amoration
4402 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Position: Creative Director

Is your work here in Second Life as an individual or are you representing a foundation?
I work both independently and with the International Humanities Center, the fiscal sponsorship organization behind Amoration.

Brief Summary of your organization:
Creative services for interactivity; we foster artistic collaborations to grow new networks for social change. Our mission is to create a culture of conscious compassion and over the last four years we have served over 150 nonprofits and educational institutions including major museums and universities worldwide.

How did you find out about NPC and why did you get involved?
I began attending TechSoup Friday morning meetings before there was a Nonprofit Commons and jumped in to help shape this community as we made the transition to our new islands.

Some say the professional networking opportunities in SL have been extraordinary. Have you found this to be true? If so, what advice would you give someone for effective networking in SL?
I have met more stellar people in SL than on any other social media platform. The friendships stick and many of my virtual cohorts are also colleagues and friends who work with me on other platforms and programs outside of SL. It helps to reach out and be friendly and not to be afraid to speak to world leaders when given the opportunity.

Why do you think virtual worlds such as Second Life are valuable for nonprofits?
So many opportunities for research, outreach, communications, immersive storytelling that changes peoples minds.

Do you think every nonprofit should have a presence within SL or is it only appropriate for particular types of organizations?
Some organizations are better off focusing their time on attention on emergency/crisis care needs while others are ready for an interactive platform that allows them to partner up and try new things.

More than likely you are fairly new to SL. Since there is a learning curve, what advice would you give to make being in SL easier?
I am nowhere near new to SL but encourage everyone to buddy up, both RL and SL, to make the learning more fun and easy overall. It helps to share lots of inventory!

Upcoming projects/events?
USC Community Challenge for the Public Good
National Women's Music Festival on Aloft Nonprofit Commons
A book and DVD of SL machinima; Visions of Global Justice
ManorMeta novel and games

Current/On-going needs (RL or SL)?
More $ and volunteers to make AMO work along with time for development.

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