Avatar Name: Jamin Earthboy

RL Name: Jamin Furbert

Organization that you work for/volunteer with:

YouthNet is a school- based mentoring programme committed currently to serving 1079 students in 24 schools in

Tell us briefly the mission of your organization and your work with the organization:

Our mission is “Keeping Students Focused Through Mentoring”.

Mentors are volunteers from the community, business sector and senior schools, who commit to spending one hour
per week with a student in their school and who serve as additional role models, advocates and friends.

My role at YouthNet is mainly a Peer Mentoring Programme Manager. I now also have taken on the responsibilty of
exploring the possiblities of establishing YouthNet as a non-profit within Second Life. I was notified about
Second Life and its potential by YouthNet's executive director who had been informed through a friend and long
time resident of SL. Once i had entered Second Life for myself and did some exploring into the possibilies for
YouthNet I then found out about Nonprofit Commons and how they could be of great help. Our aim is to use Second
Life as a useful tool for raising awareness of YouthNet's mission. We can also gain international relationships
and collaborate with various organizations that with similar interests.There is also the oppurtunity to increase
YouthNet's relationships with some of the youth that occupy SL. I have just recently become a member and have not
yet had the oppurtunity to become more involved.

What is the biggest challenge you've found using Second Life for nonprofit work?

The only challenge we have faced thus far for our particualr organization is the restrictions on adult and
teenage interaction but as it is necessary we are prepared to work with the oppurtunities provided.

What social media tools besides Second Life, if any, are you using to engage your community online and offline?

We are currently in the process of developing a new website to more engage our mentees and mentors as well as staff. Facebook has also proved to be a useful tool especailly because we are dealing with students.

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