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JAN Xomotron of Job Accommodation Network


Real Name/SL Name: Lyssa Rowan/JAN Xomotron (Also JANLyssa Serenity)
Organization: Job Accommodation Network
PO Box 6080
Morgantown, WV 25606-6080

Position: New Media Assistant

Is your work here in Second Life as an individual or are you representing a foundation?
I am in SL as a part of my work at JAN.

Brief Summary of your organization:
The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) gives information on how to make an accommodation or modification to a work setting so someone with a disability or limitation can do a job, we give information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and related legislation and we give information on self employment and small business issues for people with disabilities. We are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy.

How did you find out about NPC and why did you get involved?
I ran across NPC while looking for resources for non-profit organizations and businesses in SL. It seems to be both a great resource and a very friendly community within

Some say the professional networking opportunities in SL have been extraordinary. Have you found this to be true? If so, what advice would you give someone for effective networking in SL?
We're definitely finding a lot of opportunities in Second Life for networking. I think the best way to make connections is just to put yourself out there, talk to everybody you can. You never know when an opportunity might pop up!

Why do you think virtual worlds such as Second Life are valuable for nonprofits?
I think the advantage to virtual worlds are that they are a way to present a great amount of information to a large number of people in a very economic manner. The opportunity to host events to disseminate knowledge and promote awareness is a great benefit.

Do you think every nonprofit should have a presence within SL or is it only appropriate for particular types of organizations?
I think as a rule any non-profit organization would benefit from a SL presence to promote awareness of the work that they do.

More than likely you are fairly new to SL. Since there is a learning curve, what advice would you give to make being in SL easier?
I think the best way to get started is to jump in and get started. I did a lot of Google searches on "Newbie" guides and how to get started in SL, and following examples from those got me a lot more familiar with how SL works.

Upcoming projects/events?
A list of events is available at and we provide monthly webcasts at

Current/On-going needs (RL or SL)?
Currently we're working on getting more involved in the SL community. We have our office space on Health Commons that has a number of resources available.

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