Member Profile: Ninlil Xeltentat of TechSoup
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Real Name/SL Name: Layal Rabat/Ninlil Xeltentat
Organization: Nijel, TechSoup
Twitter: @layalzebub

Position: Volunteer

Is your work here in Second Life as an individual or are you representing a foundation?
I am using SL to accomplish my mission of networking with people from all over the world, and learning together how to use technology to increase efficiency, and give a voice to the voiceless. I manage the volunteers and match them up with the roles that they would enjoy doing.

Brief Summary of your organization:
Techsoup's mission is to connect nonprofits to technology, and encourage collaboration.'s mission is to help organizations tell their stories through maps. The MASJHR program at my school's mission is to enable me to excel at all of the above.

How did you find out about NPC and why did you get involved?
In Kenzo introduced me to the NPC and I was immediately intrigued. The possibilities for nonprofits to raise friends, funds and awareness are multiplied greatly by the networking opportunities offered. In our first year we have seen some small successes in fundraising, but some greater benefits in terms of supporters, connections to others with similar missions and a great deal of camaraderie that comes with a community of purpose and other pathfinders.

Some say the professional networking opportunities in SL have been extraordinary. Have you found this to be true? If so, what advice would you give someone for effective networking in SL?

Why do you think virtual worlds such as Second Life are valuable for nonprofits?
So far, my biggest success was to get Zazoom Zimminy/Kyle Reis to speak to my grant writing class. He brought his knowledge from the Ford Foundation into my classroom, and gave us a jaw dropping lecture on innovations that the Ford Foundation has been working on. We learned about streamlining the funds request process, the usefulness of social media, and how the Ford Foundation is adapting to the digital age. If it was not for Nonprofit Commons, Kyle and I would have never met.

What is the biggest challenge you have found using Second Life for non-profit work?
My biggest challenge is holding people accountable for the work they need to do to help the community. I also have a hard time explaining the usefulness of Second Life in less than a paragraph. I want Tweet worthy justifications to pass along.

Upcoming projects/events?

Current/On-going needs (RL or SL)?

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