Exploring the virtual world of Second Life is easy and free, but there are few steps involved in getting started. Here are some instructions to help you enter the virtual world!

1. Create a free account by going to join.secondlife.com

  • You will be prompted to download and install the Second Life Viewer program on your computer. This is what allows you to access the Nonprofit Commons and other virtual island locations (sims) inside Second Life. Simply download the software when you are taken to the page where it asks you to download it and click on it and it will walk you through its installation.
  • Once the program is installed, start the program, then enter the login name and password you chose when you registered on the website.
  • You will be taken to an orientation area to learn how to use Second Life , from walking to changing your avatar to communicating with those around you.

2. Once you finish the orientation you can teleport to the Nonprofit Commons, at this Teleport Link

3. Please join us at our Weekly Friday Meeting starting at 8:30am PST. Teleport to the Plush Amphitheatre from this link http://bit.ly/npcevent

For extra pointers:

Tips and Tricks:
  • If you are accessing Second Life from your place of employment, please check into your firewall policies, as your workplace firewall may prevent access.
  • Choose your Second Life name wisely, as this will be how people will identify you and refer to you as you interact with Second Life.
  • The way your avatar appears when you start is completely modifiable. Don't fret about the default avatar you choose.
  • The Second Life Wiki is your best friend, search it when you have any questions about Second Life, it is where we look when we are asked questions about it.