Purpose: The Mentors help residents old and new with getting started in Second Life, getting their questions answered, and building up their skills in the virtual world.

Mentoring Group Meeting: Meets each Friday after the regular meeting, i.e. around 10 am Pacfic Time at the Plush Nonprofit Commons amphitheater.

Mentors Corner: A regular feature of most of the Friday morning Nonprofit Commons Meetings, when Mentors speak about some relevant topic to teach the community about, or announce upcoming opportunities and requests for help.

Current organizer: Zinnia Zauber.

The mentors also take on exciting NPC projects, most recently the NPC birthday party, September 21, 2012! Check this page out to see how a typical event unfolds: Birthday Party Timeline and Ideas!
Want to help with this type of fun project? Want to help mentor newbies? Or, do you have a question that we might help with? Meet with us on Fridays after the regular meeting (i.e. around 10 am Pacific Time) at the Plush Nonprofit Commons amphitheater, or contact Zinnia Zauber inworld. We could definitely use your input, so please - don't be shy!

Welcome Wagon (Tier 1 Mentors) New to the NPC? Join us at a Friday Mentor Meeting, and a Welcome Wagon mentor will be glad to welcome and assist.
  • Buffy Beale
  • Brena Benoir
  • Grace Cuthbertsson
  • Em Ellsmere, tina@alsa-national.org
  • Chad Mikado
  • Nany Kayo
  • Louise Later (with Max as Tier 1/2)
  • Marylou Goldrosen
  • Ozma Malibu

Instructors (Tier 2 Mentors) Want to learn more? That's where Instructors come in.
  • Mimi Muircastle
  • Hour Destiny

Mentor Mentors (Tier 3 Mentors) When Mentors have a question or need specific support, these are the people/avies that Mentors can go to for extra help.

  • Thely Anansi (Group Lead, Mentor, advice on building, general SL knowledge, free stuff)
  • Coughran Mayo (Mentor)
  • Parhelion Palou (Advice in building & scripting, also terraforming, permissions, NPC group support for residents, estate manager on all regions except Plush)
  • Ronnie Rhode (Guidance on signage and interior decor)
  • CarmenLittleFawn (General knowledge)
  • Butteo Ruttan ( forming a 501c3 org., project management, fundraising) - reachable through blog http://buteo-ruttan-in-sl.blogspot.com/
  • Kali Idziak
  • Anika Pastorelli

In Memoriam
  • DJ Earnshaw, talented mentor and unparalleled scripter. Always willing to help out.

Mentoring Tips? Please post your recommendations here:

Mentor training: Use these SL Video Tutorials to become a better mentor and/or refer newbies to them for learning on their timetable.

Recommended Tools? Please post suggestions for tools needed to help mentor new residents and visitors:
  • Two 'Starter Packs' (one male, one female) with clothing, hair, shapes, skins, shoes etc for new residents, as well as notecards with basic helpful information. Thely has and will provide, but donations are welcome if you have anything you think would be useful.
  • A board on each island that gives names of mentors and shows online/offline so people needing help know who to IM.
  • A notecard with mentor names and specialties (building, scripting, general knowledge, etc) to be given out.
  • A notecard with tips on how to get around (how not to fall off bridges or walk into walls, flying and landing, etc.)
  • A notecard on SLetiquette
  • Foreign Language Support to Greet/Help Non English-Speaking Visitors: 1) Elevator Pitch (in 10 languages) that Coughran is working (refer people who can check the Google translations of pitch to him); 2) babbler or Talk Tek dispensers; 3) List of Foreign Language speaking residents (resource).

Mentor Gold: Nuggets of Wisdom from NPC and Mentor Meetings
How To: Create a Mentor Corner Presentation (Gentle Heron)
Accessibility and Text Viewers (January 20 2012) (Gentle Heron gives us some details)

Group Notes August 13 2010 (early organizing details, left on here for historical purposes)